Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy

I love to cook. Well, mostly I love to bake. Cupcakes and cookies are my favourites but I’ll try anything… it’s always nice to eat afterwards!

My mum used to bake cakes when I was younger and I would always help her out. I’d help with measuring things out and licking the spoon, that kind of thing. And now I make them myself. I make either cookies or cupcakes pretty much every weekend. It’s a stress reliever, I find it relaxing.

Cupcakes aren’t difficult to bake. You can even buy a cake mix from the store and some pre-made frosting if you can’t bake them from scratch.

My favourite cupcakes are vanilla, chocolate, lemon, carrot cake, red velvet and chocolate/vanilla. I also love decorating them differently. When I decorate cupcakes in December they will have Winter or Christmas themes with snowflakes, snowmen, santa etc.

I’m tempting to add a recipe page, and start off by typing up a basic cupcake recipe. And I’ve typed the word ‘cupcake’ that many times that it doesn’t even <i>look</i> like a real word anymore!

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