Congratulations, Andy Murray!

I am over the moon about this afternoon’s tennis, what a match and the perfect outcome too. Andy Murry, winner of the men’s championship at Wimbledon. The first Briton to win in SEVENTY SEVEN YEARS. It was a nail biting match as well, I was on the edge of my seat and biting my nails and yelling at the television. I swear I almost lost my voice when he won – there were tears and everything, so emotional. My dad and Jimmy thought it was hilarious! *pouts*

It was a really good match too. Every point was hard-earned. I love watching both Djokovic and Murray play and that was brilliant. But then Murray nearly always (always always?) beats Djokovic on grass.

And I hear he’s donated every penny of the £1.6m to cancer research at the place that’s been treating his friend. There was a charity match a few weeks ago at Queens for raising money for the research too. It’s so touching that he does that for his friend. Brilliant sportsman and a caring person. Sports Personality 2013? I think so! I even saw on twitter calls for him to be knighted in the New Years Honours. And I wonder how many babies will be born over the rest of this year called Andrew!


2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Andy Murray!

  1. I have never watched a tennis match before. I see the highlights from matches while watching the news or something like that but never sat and just watched a whole match. Reading how invested into the match you were, it sounds like me when I’m watching American football or ice hockey.

  2. I have no idea about tennis at all! I guess here in the states it’s not AS big perhaps? Ask me about hockey on the other hand and I’m your girl, haha. Either way, I’m glad you enjoyed the game (match??)

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